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BMW i8 (White)

BMW i8 (White)

The BMW i8 is a pioneering masterpiece, a synthesis of innovation and performance. Its plug-in hybrid powertrain marries electric efficiency with the thrust of a turbocharged engine, offering sustainable yet exhilarating propulsion. The exterior design is an artistic fusion of aerodynamics and futurism, commanding attention with every contour. Inside, the i8's cockpit envelops occupants in a realm of modern luxury, replete with digital interfaces that cater to both driver and passenger. This plug-in hybrid sports car redefines performance for the environmentally conscious, blending thrilling driving dynamics with a commitment to sustainability.
  • Pricing

    R 8 000 per day

    R 39 000 per week

    R 100 000 per month

  • Deposit

    R 30 000

  • Seats

    4 seats

  • 0 - 100 km/h

    3.2 s

  • Power

    275 kW
  • Engine

    Hybrid with 1.5L 3-cylinder turbocharged

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