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Our Story

Image by Stephan Louis
Image by Moritz Spahn

Veloce is a company formed from a love of winding Cape Town roads and engines far stronger and louder than they ought to be. If the sight and sound of a Ferrari 458 tearing around a corner makes your heart beat a little faster then perhaps you've felt that love, and perhaps you’ve come to the right place.

More than this Veloce is an answer to a question, that question being, does a luxury car have to be extravagant purchase that costs you a fortune every month? We at Veloce, believe emphatically that this is not the case. We believe that with the right processes and systems in place, we can turn a luxury car from being sizeable cost every month into an asset of value that produces market beating returns.

If one compares the yield opportunity of different asset classes whether that be property, stocks, bonds or alternative assets, nothing can even remotely compare to the revenue that can be generated in the renting of a luxury car. Where the property market in Cape Town Produces yields of around seven percent, we have proven that yields of between thirty and  forty five percent are possible with the renting out of luxury cars. The only question then becomes is it safe to rent out a luxury car or is your asset at risk?

The primary intent of business operations at Veloce is focused around one thing: protecting your asset and ensuring that the risk of damage or loss to your vehicle is minimised to the greatest extent possible. To this end we employ multiple mechanisms along different dimensions which have proven to be highly effective at reducing the risk of write-off or substantial damage to a negligible amount. In this manner with Veloce the luxury car becomes a class of asset that is a legitimate and safe investment proposition for investors looking for real returns far exceeding all other asset classes.

Image by Frankie Lopez

Veloce Headquarters

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