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Porsche 911 997 Gen 2

Porsche 911 997 Gen 2

The Porsche 911 997 Gen 2 is a continuation of excellence, refining the classic formula of performance and driving engagement. Its engine roars with power and refinement, creating a symphony of acceleration that resonates with driving enthusiasts. The exterior design retains the iconic Porsche silhouette while incorporating modern touches that enhance both form and function. Inside, the 911 997 Gen 2's cabin is a driver-centric oasis, offering controls that prioritize engagement and technology that enhances the experience. This sports car isn't just about acceleration; it's about the art of precision, where every curve and straight is an opportunity to connect with the road and experience driving at its finest.
  • Pricing

    R 11900 per day

    R 58310 per week

    R 178500 per month

  • Deposit

    R 40 000

  • Seats

    4 seats
  • 0 - 100 km/h

    3.2 s

  • Power

    254-368 kW
  • Engine

    3.8L flat-6

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